Hi Everybunny!

I am so excited to be a part of Njom Njoms’ journey forward and my buns, Guinness and Bordeaux, are even more excited that the quality Njom Njoms products that we have all come to know and love will still be available to be enjoyed by all!

Guinness and Bordeaux snuggling on their day bed

Njom Njoms will now be operating out of Randburg, Johannesburg. I have been able to spend some good time with Chris to ensure that the Njom Njoms standard does not drop.

While we are not up and running 100% just as yet, we will still be accepting orders and filling them based on what we have available. Please find the full order sheet here. Although there will be a delay in some of the products, knowing what products you are wanting will enable us to reserve them for you as soon as they come in. Please allow us a bit of time to fill all orders.

NN Order form Temp July-18
NN Order form Temp July-18

NN Order form Temp July-18 – PDF download

Payment need only be made on confirmation of what stock is available for immediate shipping. Please note that we are still in the process of setting up new courier agreements and any changes will be discussed prior to shipping.

Please forward your filled ordersheets to orders@njomnjoms.co.za

We are looking forward to keeping you and your small furries happy and healthy!

Nose bumps and binkies,

Jess – New Owner & Bunny Slave