“I got 99 problems and teeth ain’t one!”

We got the inside scoop from the mother of rabbits herself, Samantha-lee Talbot, on why hay is so vital for your pet rabbit. This applies to other small pets too! 

Sam is not only a bunny wealth of knowledge, amazing artist and bun (and human) mom but also the founder of The Bunville Buns which is a rabbit rescue organisation in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Here’s what she had to say:

Chatting to a fellow bun mama today and it reminded me about the importance of diet in house rabbits.

And I will always touch on this (because it is so important…here I go on my lecture again!🤣)

“My rabbit doesn’t eat enough hay”
“How can I get my bun to eat more hay?”

Ok so first question? Do they have access to the hay? Have you tried different types of hay?
Have you made it a fun experience?
Think of a rabbit like a toddler (the stubborn tantrums are identical 🤣) and you want your toddler to eat their veggies but you give up half way and just give them nuggets and fries!
But what if you cut their veggies up in cute shapes, limited the amount of junk food available (in rabbit terms: pellets) …hunger and enjoyment will set it. Easy as!!! My rabbits love their hay! They come running to me as I dish out handfuls!

I offer hay in every corner of the room. Rabbits love to poop and nibble. Don’t forget that!

We have such great hay varieties available Eragrostis, Teff, Oat, mountain. Please remember Lucerne/alfalfa is a legume and not a grass hay-too much fat, protein and calcium for an adult rabbit.

Make pellets a foraging experience-see my pics below – I’ve buried the pellets under hay and greens. So they nibble through.

Top up your hay constantly – remember it’s 80% of the diet! Don’t forget to shake out the dust or whole oats-they can make buns a bit chub.

Be consistent with your attempts. It’s so hard I know because there is nothing cuter than a bun on their hind legs begging for treats! Give them hay or fresh grass instead. Please remember grass must always be fresh – don’t save lawnmower cuttings as they ferment!

Remember hay promotes a healthy gut, a good weight, great dental health and it’s cheap 👌🏻

One health issue I don’t have(touch wood) is dental issues, and plenty of hay a month is well worth the possible tens of thousands worth of dental care that is so preventable. (Obviously, certain breeding can’t prevent this)

Hop on over to The Bunville Buns Facebook page and give them a follow to keep up with their journey, news and more facts and tips on the best care for your pet!

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