Hello Everybunny!

I hope you are well. As some of you might have seen on Facebook that I decided to sell Njom Njoms. I will never regret that I bought NjomNjoms in 2017. It took my business skills to a next level and the Njom Njoms client base has doubled in the last year. I developed and added exciting new products and equipment. In the process I was able to provide income to unemployed people, they are now skilled and have progressed to new ventures in their life.

My primary income business has grown to such an extent that it needs my full-time attention and I was able to offer a “Bunny-food-business-in-a-box” to potential buyers.

The exciting news is that Njom Njoms will continue to prosper with the new owner! I have passed the reigns over to Jess Oldknow, a dedicated bunny owner, regular customer and friend that has all the right qualities to take Njom Njoms to the next level.

We had training this weekend and her passion, drive and determination are like dynamite packed in a small box! 🙂

I expect that you will see a lot of new development on the social media side since Jess is a professional in that field. I am confident that Njom Njoms will continue to grow in her hands.

We visited our suppliers last week and moved the equipment to her warehouse in Randburg from where Njom Njoms will operate in the future. She is busy setting up the new premises and will be operational very soon.

I thank all the loyal Njom Njoms clients for their support over the last year and know that with Jess at the helm it will continue to grow!

I look forward to placing my own orders with Jess soon!

My best wishes to all the bunny lovers out there, and especially to Jess with Njom Njoms!